How LINK Works

Finding your teen’s Mentor is easier than getting them to eat their veggies.


Apply & meet with a LINK Team Member

Fill out a 6 question application and then schedule a quick, 10 minute introductory chat with a LINK Team Member.


Complete Questionnaire

Fill out a questionnaire so that we can learn more about your teen and get the Mentor matching process started.


We reach out to your teen

A LINK Team member will reach out to your teenager and get them excited about our program. This step is important because teenagers need to feel like they are the owner of their Mentorship.


Approve your teen’s Mentor

You get to approve your teen’s Mentor before we introduce them to your teen. If your teen likes their Mentor, they are ready to start their ongoing Mentorship!

Your teen can reach out to their Mentor as much as they want, whenever they want. 

Our Mentors provide the flexible, as needed support that your teen has been asking for.

Unlimited messages and Live Video Calls

Our Mentors are available via text, audio & video message, and live video calls whenever your teen needs throughout the month.

10 Minimum Check-Ins Per Month

Our Mentors will check in on your teen at least 10 different times throughout the month to make sure that the relationship stays strong.

Unlimited Access to your LINK Mentor

Our mission is to make sure that your teenager has the support that they need whenever they need it. Your Mentorship subscription gives your teen unlimited access to their mentor whenever they need.



Cancel anytime.

Get matched with a Mentor

Unlimited interactions

Monthly parent updates

Access to Parent Content

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Everything in LINK Teen and...

2 Hours of Parent Coaching Per Month

Custom Parent Content

Join our Parent+ Community

We offer selective financial aid to those who can not afford our program. Please reach out to us if this is the case.

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$199 is an absolute steal for having a Mentor whenever my son needs.




LINK Parent

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I pay more for a single session for my son than a LINK subscription.




LINK Parent

We’re so confident that your teen will love LINK that your first month is completely risk free.

If you don't love link after your first month, get your money back - no questions asked. Start today to get your teen support with...

Social Anxiety

College Planning

Relationship Issues



Family Issues

Much More


Here are some common questions that we get about LINK.

Have a question not answered here? Ask us!

How do I sign up?

To find your teen a Mentor, click on the "Find a Mentor" button, fill out a bit of information, then schedule a quick, 15 minute phone call with us. From there, we will reach out to your teen and begin the Mentor matching process.

How do I pay?

Unlimited access to your LINK Mentor comes with your monthly subscription. Once we find your teen their Mentor, you will pay through our secure payment portal powered by Stripe.

When do I pay?

We are committed to finding your teen the best Mentor for them. For that reason, you won't have to enter payment information until after your teen agrees to begin working with their Mentor. From there, your two week trial begins.

Is there any commitment required to join LINK?

Nope! Once you start your Mentorship you can end after any month.

What if my Mentor isn’t a good fit for my teen?

We are committed to finding your teen the perfect Mentor. We will continue to match your teen with the right Mentor until they find one that they are happy with.

How do I stay informed with my teen's Mentorship?

Having a private relationship between your teen and their Mentor is critical to the success of the Mentorship. Your teen's Mentor will send you high level, monthly updates sharing how your teen is doing and progressing. If you have any questions or concerns about your teen's Mentorship, you can reach out to a LINK Team member anytime. If a more serious issue comes up between your teen and their Mentor, you will be notified.

What age does my teen have to be?

Our mentees have to be 13 or older. There's no upper age for a Mentee!

Our partners help your teen with whatever
they need.

We have partnered with some of the best tutoring, coaching, and other teen services all across the nation. With your LINK Mentorship, you will get preferred pricing for the following services.