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LINK Mentors are there to support teens via our mobile platform whenever teen’s need throughout the month. LINK enables you to support the next generation in a way that fits your life and helps teens the most.

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Neissa S.

Link Parent

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Get paid to help teens live their happiest, healthiest life.

The Perfect Mentorship Matches

LINK matches you with Mentees based on your shared life experiences, interests, and personality. We believe that a successful Mentorship comes down to the quality of the fit between you and your Mentee.

Flexible Mentorship Helps You Be the Best

LINK’s enables you to communicate with your Mentees via text, audio & video message, and live video call.

Jordan M.


Your Mentor


Today 11:09pm

Hey Jordan!

Jordan M.

Today 11:14pm

Hey! What’s been going on?


Today 11:41am

School was tough but I’m feeling good thanks to what we talked about yesterday.

Jordan M.

Today 12:10pm

Glad to hear that our conversation was helpful! A growth mindset is a powerful thing.

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Meet Our Mentors

Alexis V


UC San Diego

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Alexis V

Grace B


University of Georgia

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Grace B

Bableen K



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Bableen K

Annie N



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Annie N

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Being an adolescent is challenging. Every teen deserves to have support from someone who gets them. You can be that someone with LINK.


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The first step is to complete our Mentor application. A LINK Team Member will reach out once your application has been reviewed.


Get trained and certified

Next, you will complete our LINK Training program. Our program teaches you everything you need to know about being a great Mentor, including Active Listening, Teen Topics, and so much more.


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Once you complete your training, you will be ready to get your first Mentees!


Here are some common questions that we get about LINK.

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Do I have to make a commitment?

We as that you make a 1 year commitment to each new Mentee that you take on.

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Social Anxiety

College Planning

Relationship Issues



Family Issues

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Our mission is to provide teens with a safe, no judgement space to ensure that every teen has someone to turn to for support whenever they need.